Oracle GoldenGate for Live Reporting

This Post describes usage of Oracle GoldenGate for live reporting.
  • This Post includes the following sections: 
  • Overview of the Reporting Configuration 
  • Creating a Standard Reporting Configuration 
  • Creating a Reporting Configuration with a Data Pump on the Source System 
  • Creating a Reporting Configuration with a Data Pump on an Intermediam System 
  • Creating a Cascading Reporting Configuration
Reporting Configuration Overview 

Basic Oracle GoldenGate configuration is a one-to-one configuration that replicates in one direction: from a source database to a target database that is used only for data retrieval purposes such as reporting and analysis. Oracle GoldenGate supports like-to-like or heterogeneous transfer of data, with capabilities for filtering and conversion on either system in the configuration (support varies by database platform).Oracle Data Filtering
Oracle GoldenGate supports different reporting topologies that enable you to custom-configure the processes based on your requirements for scalability, availability, and performance. This section contains things to take into consideration when choosing a reporting configuration.

Conversion and Filtering 

Data conversion and Data filtering both add overhead, and these activities are sometimes prone to configuration errors. If Oracle GoldenGate must perform a large amount of filtering and conversion, consider using one or more data pumps to handle this work. You can use Replicat for this purpose, but you would be sending more data across the network that way, as it will be unfiltered. You can split filtering and conversion between the two systems by dividing it between the data pump and Replicat.

To filter data, you can use:

A FILTER or WHERE clause in a TABLE statement (Extract) or in a MAP statement (Replicat)
  • A SQL query or procedure 
  • User exits 
To transform data, you can use:

  • The Oracle GoldenGate conversion functions 
  • A user exit from the Extract or Replicat process that applies rules from an external transformation solution, then returns the manipulated data to Oracle GoldenGate Replicat to deliver data directly to an ETL solution or other transformation engine
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